Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meatless Mayham

So for a while now, especially with me trying to get healthy and run 5k's, I have been trying to get my family to eat more veggies. Well I deiced that there is no reason why for one meal a week we could have a meatless dinner.

I of course did not discuss this with the hubby and instead just made dinner; Veggie chili & fotato pancakes (mashed cauliflower w garlic & butter & rice milk) Well the the fotato pancakes where not holding together, I make potato pancakes all the time and they usually workout fine as long as I don't fuss with them too much. That was not the case last night and instead just served mashed fotato & chili, well about one bite into the chili I see hubs starting to push all the food around in the bowl and then professes "there's no meat in here?! That's not kool, at least give me sausage or ground beef or something! I'll eat the veggies too but it can't be meatless!!"

I explained that we consume a lot of animals as a family and I'm just trying to cut back, one meal a week won't kill him. His answer to that, "god gave us animals to eat right? So why are we not eating them!"

Well so much for that, my kids ate it, Lil dude had to be bribed with fig Newman's and games but that's nothing new in the dinner department. Kat at it all!!! Love that my daughter loves to eat the way she does!!!