Friday, March 23, 2012

Yesterday was another good day in this getting healthy journey. Did my 20min zumba abs video, did Jillian Michal's Standing Abs routine - all 3 sets I might add!
Ate pretty well too and did a lot of cleaning and laundry which is a good cal burn too :~)

Only drank about about 60oz of water. Still missing about 100oz; just have to keep it up and hopefully I will reach my goal and keep it.

Didn't get to run/jog/walk like I wanted to but that has a lot to do w no sidewalks in my area and only know of the jogging tracks at school. I am going to look into racks and rec to see if there is any parks w jogging tracks around me, Hopefully I will find one. Would love to go running everyday; especially with the race right around the corner I am seriously lacking in my training.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

today was a good day

Thank god, today for the most part was a good day. Yet another successful day with a weaned LK; I got laundry done and put away; kitchen cleaned AND made it to resist a ball class despite a few mishaps with LK and all the drinks ready for our Gym trip {and I was only 15 min late}

Then we spent the day at a really beautiful park with a HUGE playground, talk about cardio, keeping track of a 3 yr old and an 18m old, but man did the kids have a BLAST!! I need to find something like that close to my house along with a jogging track thats not so hilly :~) I'm also on my fourth bottle of water, that's only 80 oz for the day but Hey I figure its a start its better than nothing and WAAAYYY better than soda.

Now I just need to keep this up and not fall into my normal habits of doing great for a month and then nothing for a week or so.  Wish me luck! going to try and blog every day till race day. Race for HOPE - DC - TEAM JUST PEACHY!

I Work Ouuuutttt :~)

I have seriously got to get with it, I FINALLY got to 168, which is a big deal for me to get under 170, it just never seems to happen, and then BAM I miss the gym, tiff's class, core class, everything! Missed a whole week at the gym, didn't do anything at home other than walk ~FINALLY FOUND A DOUBLE JOGGING STROLLER!!! YAY!! Might I say it's quite terrifying to go running w 65lbs of children pulling you. So we just walked.

 And i didn't even walk everyday like I have been saying I would. UGH!

Back to 172 I go :( But no worries, I will once again get back into the groove. Only 46 days left till the Race for Hope in DC Race for HOPE - DC - TEAM JUST PEACHY I know I will be doing more. Last night I did zumba w my bestie A and then we jogged for 20min on the treadmill. So nice to have a workout buddy. I am going to possibly do Zumba again tonight but I am defiantly going to tiff's class today! I need to it's been too long and she's freaking the greatest, reminds me so much of my person trainer Joe Buabeng, the BEST personal trainer in the WORLD!!!

I had given my self a challenge to lose 5% of my body weight by race day, which isn't much when I started only 8lbs. Well I'm also really slacking on my water so I'm going to add another challenge and do the water challenge, basically it's 10oz of water per 10lbs of body weight. So basically drink your weight in water, it works great, the one week I just upped my water to 150oz a day I lost 5lbs and felt great. I need to get back on that again; Hopefully double challenging my self, race day being almost a month away, I def need to kick things up into gear. And hopefully going to keep it here for the world to see :~)

Now time for some oatmeal for breakfast