Monday, November 28, 2011

Stupid me!!

So I'm just going to be mad at my self for a min....

On our family's first trip to Walt Disney World, not only did I lose my most precious baby item, my peanut shell, I have now lost my pictures on Disney's photo pass, i made a photo book that i was waiting on one stinking picture before I ordered it, obviously it was not a photo taken by Disney on the photo pass, and now it has expired and is totally gone FOREVER!! Here's why I'm mad, my dumbass totally forgot that the photo pass pictures taken by disney are EXTRA! (DUH DERZ! Me of all people knowing as much as I do about disney loving their corporate side(I call it the Pirate side) and the Magical side of disney UGH!) So all the pictures of us in front of Cinderella's caste, with a few characters, at Hollywood studio's and epcot are GONE and I of course did not always remember my camera or didn't give it to the photopass guy to take 2 shots, which you can do and I plan on doing when we go again in June. It just totally sucks bc I really wanted to have a book of our first visit to disney, yes the kids won't remember it, but I will and I really wanted a photo album to show it off in, especially since i didn't have a lot of the pictures that where in it. Well hubs will be happy nonetheless, said book cost $70 bucks or for $150 you can buy a cd of the photos or buy pictures individually for $15....Like I said Pirate's...but Diseny will always be close to my heart in the core of my soul, right below God & Jesus. One day...I will be a "cast member"

Monday, November 21, 2011

So I finally got my Pink & Brown tutu finished for LK and i made it shorter this time and she seems to love this one more, Prob bc she still half crawling and can actually get around in this one lol. Well today at nap time I started my pink demi tutu but am only half way through because I ran out of tulle; but i will be hitting up the hobby lobby before the gym tomorrow :~) WIN!

While I was cutting tulle today I had about 10 ideas on tutu's man I cant wait to do them. I'm really excited about making Disney princess inspired tutu's one idea I have it all tulle & ribbon and the other idea is with tulle and fabric and will require sowing {screeches in fear} but I do I have my grandmothers singer sowing desk so I'm hoping I will be able to pull it off, but def gonna start with a pillow first!
My Tutu Princess

My latest finished tutu
Pink & Brown Demi Tutu~Top View

Front View
Pink & Brown Demi Tutu

Friday, November 18, 2011

TuTu MaDnEsS!

So of course, probably like most women, I love tutu's for myself, for my babies, for all little girls everywhere. When we where in Walt Disney World I saw these 3 20's something ladies and they had over their shorts these awesome, Belle, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty Tutus!! I freaking loved it! I would so so wear one of those (and yes I will be dressing up my kids one day when their older on a trip to WDW) Well whenever I've seen them in the store they run between $25-50, I just cant spend that on a tutu, for the first time ever I spent that much on a bra {blog for another day} So I talked to my MIL who can sow and she told me tutu's are extremely easy to make, with a sowing machine & without. So I googled it and...


Neon Pink & Neon Green Bi-Color Tutu

Neon Green & Purple w Pink Bow

Brown & Neon Pink

brown & neon pink single
I can now make these totally awesome tutu's that I am loving every min of making, kinda like my love for cooking. Lets see where this goes, I usually don't last long with "hobbies". We shall see :~)