Monday, September 24, 2012

Google Lies!!


Okay I'm sure by now you all have seen it, the commercial with the dad sending email to his baby daughter of the different things she did that week, day, month, whatever.

Super cute commercial and I thought that was the GREATEST idea, beats the normal baby journals and what not, well I deiced to do that for my lil dude and Google would not let me bc he was too young, and sent me to this link’s-online-privacy

I totally get that the Internet is not a safe place; my generation is the one who really bit the bullet on that on and learned the hard way. My son would NEVER be on here by himself, he just want to play the Scooby-doo games and I wanted to send him little letters that he could read when he's older.

I'm gettin fed up with companies making these commercial that are blatant lies. Why could he do it, and now I cannot. UGH! Ads serve one purpose and one purpose only, to get you to buy or use their product, doesn't matter to them if they lie or make stuff up as long as you buy it.

Google I'm disappointed.....

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