Sunday, November 25, 2012

Totally fucked up

Well as the title suggests I totally fucked up. so here's what happened, I got really drunk last night and text someone I care a lot about and totally went off on a drunken rant all via text message.

I do not know what to do or how to fix this. As I lay on the sofa in agony the one thing I know I need to do and have said many times I was going to do but haven't, I seriously need to consider giving up alcohol. I tend to drink too much, black out and let all my buried issues come flowing out like wordvomit.

I've always been an oversharer when it comes to myself but with my feelings, especially when I'm hurting I intervert then I drink it all comes out in this horrible way.

I dont know what else I could do other than apologize over and over again and hope for forgiveness. Maybe one day...

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